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Museum of History of Sofia opened doors in Sofia

The Museum of History of Sofia has been opened on 17 September, 2014, in the building of the Central Public Baths in Sofia and features a permanent exhibition in 8 halls.

Initially the museum has been opened in 1928, but its building has been destroyed in 1943 to come again at its new location in 2015.

 It shows the history of the city starting in 6-th Millennia BC till the 20-th century and contains many valuable objects from this time period.

Definitely a must-see for every visitor to the city!

New finds at Perperikon


The most important achievement of the excavation work taking place at Perperikon for the last 3 months is the final revelation of the Acropolis and the Sanctuary Palace. It is expected that in 2016 the Acropolis will be accessible to tourists.

7 very well preserved dwellings from the Middle Ages have also been uncovered.

Among the other finds is the Temple of God Mitra, pool, benches, and a beautifully decorated cistern at the entrance of the fortress.

Among the finds are also a number of objects including 600 coins of 40 Roman Emperors (out of 4,200 total found at the site), a head of a Thracian Horseman, a bronze Apollo Statue and others.


A total of 1,000 finds have been uncovered here during the June, July, and August 2015.