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The Paradise Waterfall

Varshets is one of the oldest spa resorts in Bulgaria. However it is not only the mineral water and its healing properties which would attract the visitors’ attention to this charming place..

The town boasts the second largest park in Bulgaria after the Boris’ Garden in Sofia. It has been established in 1911-1912 by the renowned doctor Damian Ivanov and has a large variety of plant species. It is also a great place for a walk and it houses the Roman steps and the pavilion of the Roman goddess of the health Hygeia.

A path starting from the park will lead to you to a beautiful place of interest here- the Paradise Waterfall.  A pavilion, along with a few sets of tables and chairs, all made out of wood by local volunteers along the water cascade of the river Orloshtitsa. A wonderful place, where you can sit for a few moments and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature!

The almost 2 km long Boulevard with the almost 100 years old sycamore trees will charm you also with the charming  villas situated along the boulevard.

In Varshets one can experience both the rejuvenating effect of the healing spas and the serenity of the majestic nature.

The Kalin Dam

The Kalin Dam is the highest dam both on the territory of Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula, located at 2,394 m. above sea level, in the Rila mountain, amongst beautiful alpine nature and it an excellent place to spend a hot summer day in Bulgaria. The temperature there rarely rises above17 degrees Celsius and it is very possible to see snow there in the hot summer months.

It is connected with a tunnel with the dam “Karagiol”.

Close to it is the Ivan Vazov hut, which can be reached by waling on a picturesque road, starting at the village of Pastra. The slope is about 1,700 m high.

The views from here are breathtakingly beautiful!