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The village of Bosnek and the living water spring


The village of Bosnek is located some 30 km away from Sofia, in the Pernik region.

The village is well known for the Duhlata cave, which is the longest (17,600 m) and the deepest (53 m) cave in Bulgaria.

However currently the cave is closed for visitors.

Not of a lesser importance as a sight is the so called living water spring from which the water stops and starts flowing at random time intervals. Therefore it is believed that when s sinful person steps up in front of the spring it stops flowing.

The water flows from a stone sculpture which resembles the head of a crocodile (it flows from its mouth).

Some 15 min walk from the spring there is a dry cave, which houses a picturesque stone icon.

The cave has been discovered in 1928.


Thracian tomb in Sveshtari


The tomb has been discovered in 1982 and is located some 2.5 km away from the village of Sveshtari and 42km from Razgrad. 2 more tombs have been uncovered next to it and are open to visitors as well.

The Sveshtari tomb dates back from the 3 century BC and is considered to be unique in terms of architectural decor.

It remarkably depicts the culture of the Thracian people Getae.

Unlike the Kzanlak Thracian tomb, which replica is open to visitors, the Sveshtari Thracian tomb can be seen in original condition and is one of the best preserved tombs in the Bulgarian lands, which definitely deserves a visit!