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Tzari Mali Grad

The fortress Tzari-Mali grad is located about 50 km away from Sofia in the village of Belchin.

Initially it has been a sacred place for the Thracians (VIII-VI century BC), then here was built a fortress by the Romans which later has been turned into a settlement. It hosts also a Christian cult complex dating from as early as the VI-th century.

The entire complex has been completely rebuilt and restored and attracts hundreds of visitors every day.

The area surrounding the fortress has a number of attractions and boasts a beautiful park among the forest.

The village of Delchevo


This picturesque village is situated some 7 km away of Gotze Delchev, on the southern slope of the Pirin mountain.

The village is an architectural reserve, and the houses, built in the end of the XIX and the XX-th centuries stand in tiers.

The typical architecture for this time period as well as the cobble stone streets creates a unique atmosphere. Most of the 126 houses in the village have been declared monuments of culture.

You can enjoy delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes in the authentic tavern close to the entrance of the village which offers enchanting and unforgettable views over the Pirin mountain.