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Koprivshtitsa Folklore Festival


The Koprivshtitsa Folklore Festival "Bulgaria sings" started in 1965 and it is by far the biggest folklore festival in Bulgaria, which takes place every 4 years in the Voyvodenets area which is located very close to the town. In 2015 the festival celebrated its 11-th anniversary and more than 12,000 performers took part.

It is a vivid celebration of the Bulgarian folk music, arts and crafts.

This authentic festival attracts thousands of visitors from numerous countries during the 5 days of live performances in the open featuring the enticing Bulgarian Folklore.

Tchernogorski (Gigenski) Monastery

The Tchergnogorski monastery St Kozma and Damian, is located some 60 km away from Sofia, above the village of Gigen, Pernik region, amongst pristine and beautiful nature.

Unfortunately very little is known about the history of this monastery- it has existed during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, and after that it has been demolished 2 times during the years of Turkish presence in Bulgaria. During the Communist years it served different purposes. At one time it has been a concentration camp.

It has been re- built again with the invaluable help of the monk Nikanor (Hristo Mishkov), who has worked for many years as a financial analyst, broker and dealer at Nasdaq.

Now the monastery has its own farm, own website ( and blog, and enchants its visitors with its picturesque appearance.