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Hisarya (Hissar) is a small spa resort, located in the Plovdiv province. It boasts a thousand years old history. It used to be a Thracian, and later a blooming city in the Roman Empire, and has been known as Augusta,Diocletianopolis (after emperor Diocletian), Topliza.

The city has 22 mineral springs, which is used by the several spa hotels here as well as for drinking.

It features the longest Roman fortress wall in Europe, which is 2,327m long.

Many other well preserved Roam ruins can be seen here as the Roman baths-"termi" (extremely well preserved), the Roman Amphitheatre, public buildings from the Roman times which are scaterred throughout the town. Another major point of interest here is the originally preserved Roman tomb, which is open to visitors as well.

Several kilometers away from Hisarya is the village of Starosel, which became well known for the Thracian tomb, uncovered here and also open to visitors.

Hisarya offers a unique opportunity to combine relaxation and mineral water spa tretments with cultural tourism.