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The village of Mogilitsa is located in the eastern part of the  Rhodope mountain, about 30 km from the town of Smolyan, at the banks of Arda river, and very close to the Bulgarian border with Greece. The population of the village consists primarily from older people over 70 years of age ( as of 2005 the population was 483 residents).

This destination is the perfect representation of the lesser known, off the beaten path travel destinations in Bulgaria, which were able to preserve their anthenticity throughout the years.

The friendliness and the hospitality of the local people as well as the typical  architecture and the beautiful nature surrounding the heritage village draw many tourists to this area all year round.

In near proximity is the Uhlovitsa cave as well as other small villages featuring the unique spirit and atmosphere of the authentic Bulgarian villages as well as the ski resort Pamporovo.

The guests to the village can visit the Agushevi Konatsi witer residence of the Ottoman lord Agush Aga, which has been built by Bulgarian masters in 1834. The castle-like building boasts remarkable architecture and fascinates the visitors with its size.

Northwest of the village are the remains of an ancient Roman fortress.