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This picturesque and cozy monastery is located 82 km from Sofia and 42 km away from the town of Eliseina in the Iskar Gorge, which makes it an ideal weekend destination. Although the the timing of the establishment of this monastery is quite unclear there is evidence suggesting that the monastery already existed in the 16-th century.

Experts claim that the church, belonging to the monastery is unique becuase of its 7 altars.

There are many legends which have been told over the centuries about this monasteries and its one-of-its-kind 7-altar church in Bulgaria.

One of the legends says that the short-lived Bulgarian Tsar Petar Delyan died here. Another one claims that seven voivodes were dedicated to the rebuilding of the monastery after it had been burnt during the times of the Ottoman rule, hence the seven altars.A third legend relates the 7 altars in the monastry's church to the seven villages, which were once established in this area.

Whatever the truth about the uniqueness of this monastic church, we would highly recommend paying a visit to it. You will not only savor the serenity and the holiness of the place, but will be presented with an opportunity to be dlighted by the beautiful landscape surrounding the monastery.