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DDK Travel offers all its valued clients all available on the market airfares to Bulgaria and to

all domestic & international destinations.

We offer discounted inventory from several reservation systems and providers thus ensuring

that you obtain a best value airline ticket.

You can book your flight online  at our website(24/7) or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(24/7) or via phone at 805.215.6665; 805.980.9575 ( 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Mon through Fri).


We strongly suggest prior to booking via our engine to double-check with a live agent

for flight options,especially if the flight itineraries and prices obtained do not fully satisfy

your needs and requirements.Manually we are able to book and issue open return tickets

for you as well as various kinds of open jaw flight itineraries and tickets with flexible


We can obtain also in the majority of the cases lower airfares both on one way

and round trip tickets to anywhere.

We value timeliness - all mails and calls are handled in a prompt manner, we respond not

later than 1 buisness day.

In case of an emergency occuring outside normal business hours you can contact us

either via phone or email. A timely response is guaranteed!



Please be aware that the airline tickets are NON REFUNDABLE unless otherwise noted.

Therefore DDK Travel strongly suggests that you purchase a suitable travel insurance package

for your upcoming trip! If something goes wrong, you can always claim the additionally incurred

charges as a result of this to your insurance company.

Be advised that some countries require insecticide spraying on an aircraft prior to the flight or

while you are onboard the aircraft. For more details on which countries have this requirement

you are to check with the Department of Transportation’s disinsection website at

Some everyday products such as sprays, lithium batteries etc. are forbidden to be carried

on board in the carry-on luggage and/or in the checked luggage.

For more detailed information you can consult the websites listed here: