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Thracian tombs in Bulgaria

The valuable archeological material, found on the territory of Bulgaria helped us a lot to expand our knowledge of the life and traditions of the Thracians and their civilization. About 15 000 massive ground barrows remain existing in the Bulgarian lands, up to now only 350 of them are excavated systematically.
Most of the tombs were built during the 8-th century B.C.
They all have a quite different architecture - obviously, they were built in accordance with the will of the Thracian aristocrat, to whom belongs the tomb.
Thracian rulers and members of the nobility were buried in the monumental stone tombs with ritual ceremonies in honor to the deceased, along with rich funeral gifts, believed to be useful to the dead in their afterlife. Up to the present moment approximately 50 tombs were uncovered in the Thracian mounds in Bulgaria. These unique monuments of the exquisite Thracian art continue to delight and excite both scholars and public.
Two of them - the Kazanlak and Sveshtari tomb - are included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.
The best-known Kazanlak tomb is situated near the town of Kazanlak, and it is famous for its exquisite wall paintings of early third century B.C. The Kazanlak tomb is one of the unique masterpieces in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Thracian tombs in BulgariaThe Sveshtari tomb- it is located near the town of Razgrad. The whole region here is declared an archeological reserve. It has perfect architecture and rich decostarosselration and amazes with its wealth of sculpture ornaments.
The Starosel tomb was discovered in 2000 and is situated near Plovdiv. The grave consists of two chambers, and here the archeologists discovered an exquisite trove of relics- the funeral gifts of the Thracian king.
'The Valley of the Thracian rulers' near the town of Shipka.
Helvetsia tomb includes 7 tombs, recently uncovered in the south foothills of the Balkan range. They all have developed facades, very different from one another. Most of them have been robbed in ancient times. Here is a picture of one of the best-preserved tombs in the Valley - the Helvetia tomb.


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