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Bulgarian culture

The Bulgarian cultural heritage

Fourteen centuries the Bulgarians have been creating literature, art und music. The Bulgarian culture has given the world a rich cultural heritage and men of great achievements, unparalleled in history.
According to the statistics, Bulgaria is ranked third /after Greece and Italy/ for the number of historical monuments- it has over 30 000 monuments, 36 culture reserves 160 monasteries, 330 museums and galleries.
 The Bulgarian contribution to the world's heritage includes 7 cultural sites and 2 natural wonders - they are included in the UNESCO list of the world historical heritage, which features over 700 landmarks all over the world.
We are pleased to we offer you a selection of tours, featuring the Bulgarian culture, history and natural beauty of the country. Most of them are on a particular subject, more appropriate for tourists who have already visited the country but would like to extend their knowledge in a particular subject.
 We can offer you also itineraries featuring the most significant places of interest in the country, which are more suitable for first time visitors.


We at DDK Travel constantly strive to create fully customized itineraries thus satisfying the preferences and tastes of even the most discerning travelers.

Please, contact  us for more details on our cultural itineraries.