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Facts for Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria has 1324 years of history, since 611 A.D.
  • The oldest handcrafted gold in the world, created by the oldest civilization in Europe - the Varna gold treasure /6-5 Millenia B.C./ - was found on the territory of Bulgaria along with many other exquisite gold and silver Thracian treasures.
  • Bulgaria has developed culture in 2 alphabets - the Cyrillic /9th century/ and the Glagolitic /862/. Cyrillic is the basis of most languages, spoken in Eastern Europe today.
  • Bulgaria is the first Slavic nation that adopted Christianity.
  • Bulgaria was one of the three biggest empires in Europe together with the Frankish and the Byzantine.
  • George Atanassov, the inventor of the computer, is of Bulgarian origin.
  • Bulgaria is well known in the whole world for its famous Rose Valley. Here and nowhere else are grown the roses, from which the rose oil is produced, a necessary component in many perfumes. 2 000 flowers are needed for just one single gram of the precious attar of roses whose price equals that of gold!